Research Themes and Priorities

The state of Bihar is facing challenges in relation to agriculture  are rural poverty, food insecurity, climate change, limited supply of seeds and other quality inputs, poor storage of produced food, lack of value addition, unorganized agricultural sector and the globalization of markets. These key agricultural research constraints in the state need to be rapidly and adequately addressed by research for development. The thematic area of research in the university includes;


Enhanced System Productivity: the likely impact of the research on yield, cost/risk reduction, and product quality
Reduced Poverty (equity): the extent to which resource-poor smallholders, landless laborers in rural areas, especially marginalized areas, would benefit from the research programs;
Resource conservation (sustainability): the contribution of the research to the protection and enhancement of the resource base;
Household food security: the research focused to increase the stability of staple food availability and its nutritional quality; and
Contribution to development: the extent to which the considered research program would contribute to overall development though increased farm income.


Considering the major changes happening in the economy of Bihar due to good governance   and the impact of predicted climate change, and substantial developments that have occurred in the Bihar over the past seven years, we need to relook the long-term vision and strategies with the aim of enhancing the potential of agricultural research by technology targeting and fostering development. Considering the above facts the research programs are characterized in to six groups; Crop improvement, Natural resource management, Crop protection, Social sciences, Product development and marketing and Animal Science.